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10 Advantages to Artificial Plants

Advances in technology have brought an end to the days of ridiculously fake looking aquarium plants. The advent of modified aquarium accessories has been ushered in primarily by increased attention to detail and improvement in production. These adjustments have made it increasingly more difficult to distinguish between live and artificial plants. The material is more flexible and has a silky appearance as it sways with the current, making them appear organic in almost every aspect. After time they begin accumulating a natural lining of algae, making it even more difficult to tell whether it is live or artificial. Artificial plants are readily available for fresh and saltwater tanks, with plastic or silk construction, and can be acquired in a range of colors and sizes for foreground, mid- ground and background placement. Limitations are now only placed by your extent of your imagination.

Artificial plants are great for a number of reasons; here are 10:

1. No Waiting - Artificial plants arrive essentially ready to use; they just need to be placed in whatever location you feel is appropriate. Rinse them before installation; if you soak them in warm water for 15 to 30 minutes prior to placement the fabric will relax, giving it a more realistic look.

2. Maintenance Free - That's right. Not even low maintenance; no maintenance! Artificial plants require no special lighting, no special substrate and no supplements.

3. Flexibility - Because these artificial plants have no requirements, you can place them any way you want. You can pick any size plant or any type because they are primarily chosen for appearance; you can safely place an artificial saltwater plant in a fresh water tank. If you're not happy with the placement, they can easily be replaced or rearranged.

4. Easy Cleaning - To clean, simply remove and rinse. You can also soak them in a plastic plant cleaner; just rinse them before placing back in the aquarium.

5. Durability - These plants will not die, they require no pruning and they maintain a desirable appearance even when they are not in season.

6. Resistance and Resilience - Herbivorous or aggressive fish may try eating or uprooting plants. Artificial plants will withstand attempts to become dinner, and can easily be put back if a persistent fish works one loose. They also provide fish with a comforting shelter.

7. Safety - Because artificial plants aren't removed from other bodies of water, they won't introduce foreign, harmful pests or parasites.

8. Consistency in Chemistry - Since artificial plants do not release oxygen or carbon dioxide, they don't affect water chemistry or related conditions. They also do not promote algae growth or take oxygen from those that live in the aquarium.

9. Clear Water - Artificial plants don't rot or undergo natural biological changes, so they don't cause any unpleasant changes to the water.

10. Convenience - Considering all that has been said, they are suitable for aquarists of any experience level.

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