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4 Easy Aquarium Setups

Because keeping an aquarium can be such a versatile hobby, there are any number of routes you can go with your personalized setup. Limits are held, mostly, only by the extent of your imagination. Listed below are four basic types of aquariums.

1) Cool Water Aquarium

Maintenance - Easy

This type of aquarium is design to replicate the environment of a river or lake in a northern Asian climate; this setup is recommended for the new hobbyist. The intended fish and other inhabitants included in this type of setup are hardy and undemanding. Fish for cool water aquariums usually prefer water temperatures ranging from 64 to 75° F. This setup is appropriate for Danios and types of Cloud fish.

2) Southeast Asian Tropical Maintenance - Easy/Intermediate

If you decide on this setup, prepare to stock up on an abundance of plants; the appropriate fish for this environment enjoy the thick, dense cover of a slow-moving, backwater flow. An intense lighting apparatus should be used to create the effect of shallow water under direct sunlight. The lighting will also keep the pH levels slightly lower. This setup is appropriate for Rasboras, Dwarf Gourami and Chinese algae eaters.

3) South American River Maintenance - Intermediate

This is a very popular motif because it features some of the most striking fish in terms of coloration and behavior. Live plants, especially Blackwater Extract and Peat Media, are highly recommended to replicate the effect of dark, tea-stained waters of the Amazon. Water quality is important to certain species types that can be included in this setup, so it is important to keep up on water quality testing. This setup is appropriate for Tetras and Cichlids.

4) Nano-Reef Maintenance - Intermediate/Advanced

Keeping a marine setup in such a confined space is moderately challenging, but can also be very rewarding. The coral offers a large number of hiding places. The variation in color and structure naturally draws attention toward the display. This setup is appropriate for polyps, corals, shrimp, snails, and Gobies.

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