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6 Tips For A Stable Aquarium

Providing a stable, healthy environment for fish and plants is key to aquarium success. Following is a list of 6 simple tips that, when followed, will help your aquarium be as stable and healthy as possible.

1. Completely empting an aquarium, for any reason, is not a good idea; the delicate biological balance will be disturbed and undo stress will be put on yourfish and plants.

2. Water changes should never be more than 40% at one time. 25% change every two weeks is a much safer and healthier alternative.

3. During water changes, keeping ½ of the filter media will retain the established biological balance that has been already achieved.

4. NEVER use soap or detergent in your aquarium; the same applies to anything that comes in contact with the aquarium, such as buckets or cloths.

5. Be careful not to pick up sand or gravel while cleaning the inside glass. Doing so will scratch it.

6. Oils and other films on your hands can stress fish, so limit the number of times you put your hands in the water.

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