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Canister Filters - A Great Choice for Any Aquarium

Canister filters will provide your aquarium with superior mechanical and chemical filtration in a low-key manner. Usually inconspicuously hidden in your aquarium stand, canisters not only have the advantage of excellent filtration, but they are also quiet, convenient and easily customizable to specific aquarium needs.

Due to their highly customizable nature, canister filters can be adapted to an endless array of aquarium environments. For example, if your inhabitants produce an excessive amount of wastes, the canister can be tailored to optimally filter it out by utilizing large amounts of mechanical media in varying coarsenesses. Or, if your fish must have sparkling clean, consistent water conditions, chemical medias, such as carbons and resins can be used. Ceramic rings and sponges can also be used and are best employed against high levels of ammonia.

Canister filters can also be added on to, resulting in even better water quality. A water chiller or heater can be easily integrated into a canister by plumbing it directly to the filter. A UV sterilizer can also be added by running the outlet tube of the filter into the inlet of the sterilizer, and running the remaining tubing from the sterilizer outlet back into the aquarium.

One of the most efficient, versatile and user-friendly types of filtration, canister filters provide all aquarium owners with the ability to maintain the best possible water quality for their tank without detracting from the beauty of it.

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