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Desktop Aquariums Aid in Preventing Office Stress

It has been confirmed by recent analysis that a comfortable, stimulating, and pleasing work environment can drastically improve employee productivity, creativity and overall satisfaction with the job. To raise general output, employers have been taking measures to enhance the working environment by adding live and artificial plants, windows and the flexibility to decorate and personalize individual workspaces to accommodate employees' individual preferences.

Another recent addition to the list of productivity boosters has been the arrival of desktop aquariums. They have been offering therapeutic benefits to office workers, allowing them to clear their minds and focus more intently on their occupational obligations.

Nature, and simply the idea of escape, has long been an effective means of stress management; it also helps combat depression, can aid in transitions with substance abuse, and certain behavioral and psychological disorders. There is a belief that humans are hardwired to connect with nature. This connection is often referred to as "biophilia," and is the basis of the reason that we enjoy spending time outdoors and in parks, visit zoos, and keep house pets. Contact with animals, plants and nature may be a potent antidote to stress, credible research suggests, distracting us from worrisome thoughts, reducing anxiety and lowering blood pressure.

Reasons for the increasing number of office aquariums are their small size, convenience and easy maintenance. They are also great for any experience level, making them virtually universal.

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