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Hired Help - Natural Tank Cleaners

Tank cleaning packages are available for marine or reef aquariums, as a natural solution to most common reef problems, such as aggressive or excessive algae growth, detritus build-up and anaerobic sand bed compaction. These types of cleaning packages have been developed to safely and effectively clean your aquarium, acting as an alternative to harsh chemicals that may disrupt the delicate ecosystem within.

There are two main types of tank cleaner packages; both consist of reef- safe fauna that biologically process algae and organic waste material. Algae Attack Packs are geared to control algae growth and help maintain desirably clear water; the Detritus Attack Packs focus on keeping ammonia and nitrite levels in check by continually processing decaying matter.

No single species is capable of resolving all of the negative conditions that occur within any aquarium, so each Tank Cleaner Pack is comprised of multiple species that have been carefully selected to help restore balance to your aquarium in a multi-faceted approach. The number of active "cleaners" contained in each package is carefully calculated to provide maximum cleaning power for the corresponding aquarium size.

Algae Attack Packs eliminate a variety of algae in your aquarium; algae- eating snails will take care of unsightly green film, hair algae that accumulates along the substrate is generally kept under control by hermit crabs, and the bubble algae are listed under the duties of Emerald Mithrax Crabs. More advanced packages feature Court Jester Goby or the Black Sailfin Blenny, both known for their appetite for filamentous algae.

The Detritus Attack Pack is a combination of aesthetics and offense. Although they are appealing to the eye, they are also a formidable enemy of unwanted detritus material. Fancy Serpent Sea Stars and Sea Cucumbers keep your sand bed sifted in their continuous search for detritus. Just as its name suggests, the Sand Sifting Sea Star will help prevent sand bed compaction, keeping it aerated to maintain the vital biological processes found within the top layer of substrate. Both packs are adequately suited for any marine aquarium; whether you are starting a new aquarium or supplementing an existing system. It is important to remember that these beneficial invertebrates are only effective if your aquarium is invertebrate-friendly and free of copper- based medications.

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