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Importance of Water Movement

A lot of freshwater aquarium owners tend to overlook the importance of water movement. Current, however, is essential to feeding the aquarium's inhabitants, offering proper nutrition; it also cleans and regulates the water. The actual movement regulates temperature, moves stagnant water and offers a more pleasant experience for the fish.

Aquariums with poor water movement develop "dead spots" where organic debris begins to settle, making an ideal environment for unwanted algae to develop. It also hinders biological filtration, which in turn, throws the nitrogen cycle out of harmony, making toxin levels rise, becoming potentially dangerous. When this occurs, the water also becomes very unpleasant looking.

As water circulates throughout the aquarium, it causes events that are beneficial to the fish. Heat is evenly distributed for stable water temperature, debris and particles are stirred up and removed through mechanical filtration, and efficient gas exchange at the water surface releases carbon dioxide and gains oxygen to help maintain pH level and oxygenate the water. The resistance caused by the currents offer physical health advantages; it also delivers fresh, oxygen-rich water.

One of the easiest ways to supplement water movement within your fresh or saltwater aquarium is with the addition of a powerhead or switching current water director. A powerhead can also be connected to a wavemaker to create a more dynamic system.

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