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Maintenance Made Easy

Like any system, maintenance and upkeep are an essential part of avoiding replacements or unnecessary upgrades. Be consistent and thorough with cleaning and managing your aquarium to ensure the ongoing health of the inhabitants and their environment. Being equipped with the correct supplies will also simplify maintenance on your part.

Aquariums are small scale representations of natural aquatic ecosystems. We recreate these environments because they intrigue us and we enjoy watching their inhabitants. Algae, however, can build up and take away from the aesthetics of the tank, cause cloudy water or even begin growing along the inside, forming a makeshift curtain to block our window to their world. You can easily keep algae from becoming such a problem by cleaning the aquarium regularly. Scrubbers and scrapers can be used for manual cleaning; depending on your tanks inhabitants you can purchase some type of algae- eating organism that will happily consume it for you.

Keeping a substrate or gravel clean and free of detritus may not seem like the most appealing task, but it helps from accumulation of waste and algae along the bottom of the aquarium. Efficient filters and gravel cleaners keep the process expedient and cut down on the work you have to do.

Aquarium cleaning requires a caddy with an assortment of nets in order to skim away anything type of debris that may be floating along the surface or catch fish for removal when cleaning. Gloves can also be worn to keep your hands dry.

It's always a good idea to keep an assortment of parts and tools in case of unexpected repairs. Clamps, flexible tubing, underwater glue, and Teflon tape are all good to have in case of a leak. A schedule should also be kept with records of cleaning for reference.

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