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Safety Assurance in Online Fish Purchases

Nowadays, it's becoming a common occurrence for hobbyists to shop for their essentials online rather than at a traditional pet shop. Although you may be drawn in by the vibrant colors of the pictures of the online products, you may still be unsure about committing to a purchase that you cannot fully evaluate. How will you know that your internet fish will arrive healthy and safe?

The biggest drawback to buying fish online that you are unable to point out exactly which fish you want. In most cases, the buyer views a general photo of the species and has to trust that the when the fish arrives it looks just as it did in the photo. For this reason, it is important to seek out a website with an educated staff, a good reputation, and a risk-free guarantee.

As a shopper, you want to make sure that you that there is safety in your purchase; you also want to be assured in the health and safety of the fish. Fish are very vulnerable to stress and shipping be a trying experience. Stress is minimized by tactics perfected by the industry; cardboard shipping boxes are lined with Styrofoam inserts which protect the carefully sealed bags. You must also consider that the fish that are on display in your local pet store are also shipped from location to location through distribution points until they reach their final destination; however, when you order from an online retailer, the product is shipped directly to you, meaning less stress and better health. Internet purchasing allows for better selection. When you buy online, you are selecting your fish from the healthiest available stock; the second ranked picks go to local pet stores, and those that don't make the cut end up in discount megamart stores. Online shopping also provides for obtaining species that may not be available in local stores.

To guarantee satisfaction, there are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Demand a Guarantee - Look for a site that offers a guarantee of at least 10 days from the time of shipping. Since you have not even seen the product, it is in your best interest to seek reimbursement if you are not pleased.

Seek out Experience - Trust those with knowledge and experience. Look for a site that offers extensive species profiles and care articles. Avoid sites with brief, "catalogue-style" descriptions.

Order with Others - Since the shipping process is specialized for maximum protection and insurance, it can be somewhat expensive. To cut costs you can share shipping charges by making group orders.

Online shopping is quick and easy. Now that you feel safe with the process, you will no longer need to travel to a pet store.

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