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Water Conditions

Depending on your source water, and the types of fish you wish to have, you may need special water conditioners, pH adjusters, or additives to obtain proper water conditions. To achieve these desired results, adjustments may need to be made in several areas that sometimes go overlooked. Dechlorinators are necessary for ridding water of chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals from tap water. Whenever tap water is used for your aquarium, it should be conditioned to avoid potential problems. Ammonia and Chloramine removers help detoxify ammonia, which, if levels spike, can be potentially fatal. It also neutralizes chloramines found in some water sources; this may not appear in all water due to its deletion by some municipalities. They should be used whenever water is changed; used in heavily stocked aquariums; or when introducing new fish. Bacterial additives are ideal when cycling new aquariums or when conditioning or supplementing existing biological filtration. If medication is introduced to the water to treat a fish, these additives should be used to replenish bacterial populations. Trace elements are important minerals that are used up by plants and fish, or are removed through filtration. When reintroduced, they help increase vitality, fish fertility, color, and plant growth. These elements should be added during water changes. pH conditioners help raise or lower pH levels, depending on what is appropriate for your specific fish. An unsuitable water condition that is too acidic or too alkaline can be detrimental to the overall long-term health of fish. They should be used gradually after testing to slowly adjust the pH, if it is even necessary at all. Aquarium additives are a convenient way to achieve proper water parameters in new and established aquariums. However, these helpful products are not a replacement for proper attention and regular maintenance.

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